I have been interested in Dowsing for many years now and throughout 2007 and 2008 have been actively learning more about it and using it, by attending day and weekend courses with the British Society of Dowsers. I feel it will be a very useful tool to use alongside my other therapies. 

Here is a brief explanation of what Dowsing is 

Dowsing is a very ancient craft that has been around for hundreds of years. 

It is a way of getting in touch with our intuition or inner guidance through the use of a pendulum or rods. A pendulum is an object hanging on a piece of string or fine chain that has enough weight to swing freely. Rods are usually L or Y shaped and made of metal or wood. 

By carefully forming clear questions which only need a yes or no answer we can tap into our inner knowing and find the answers to many questions. 

Throughout history (and still today) dowsing has been successfully used to find underground pipes, underground water sources and even buried land mines in war zones. 

There are many Professional Dowsers throughout the UK; they can be contacted through the British Society of Dowsers.